Importing songs from EasiSlides

SundayWorship v1.1 adds support for importing songs exported from EasiSlides.

To import your EasiSlides song database into SundayWorship you first need to export them from EasiSlides as follows.

  1. Start EasiSlides.
  2. Click Tools -> Export.
  3. On the Export dialog select the songs you want to import into SundayWorship.
  4. Set the path of the file to save the songs to.
  5. Click Export

To import the songs into SundayWorship follow these steps:-

  1. Start SundayWorship.
  2. Click File -> Import -> EasiSlides exported songs
  3. Click Browse… to select the XML file containing the exported songs
  4. Select the songs that you want to import
  5. Choose how to deal with songs that are already in the SundayWorship song database
  6. Click Import to perform the import

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