Running PowerPoint presentations

SundayWorship v1.1 allows you to open and run Microsoft PowerPoint presentations from within SundayWorship. With this release we support PowerPoint 2003 & 2007.

To open a presentation in SundayWorship click File -> Open -> PowerPoint presentation.

The opened presentation will be added to the current schedule and the slides will be displayed in the preview view. You can look at the slides before showing them by clicking on a slide in the preview view.

To run the presentation you must first send it to the live view. To to this you can double click on the presentation file name in the schedule or click the Send to live toolbar button.

Once the presentation is in the live view, click the Live button.

The presentation will start running on the same display that songs and other items are being shown on.

You control the show as a normal PowerPoint presentation. When you close the presentation, return to SundayWorship.

SundayWorship allows you to run your presentation manually, or by using the slide show settings from the presentation. By default the slides in your presentation will be advanced when you click the mouse.

To run the presentation using the slide show settings right click on the presentation in the schedule, and click Properties. On the dialog click Use timings, if present and then click OK.

Double click the presentation to send it to the live view, and then click Live to start it running. The presentation will run use the Slide show settings from the presentation.

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