Projecting live video with SundayWorship

SundayWorship 1.2 can now capture live video from video cameras attached to your PC or laptop enabling you to project live video without having to leave SundayWorship.


To project live video, first select a camera from the list of video cameras on the Multimedia/Video tab. If a video camera is attached but not in the list of video cameras displayed, trying clicking the refresh (Video-RefreshButton) button. SundayWorship should be able to use any device recognised by Windows as a video camera such as DV cameras, Webcams and so on. If your camera is still not recognised, make sure it can be seen by other programs such as a video editor.

Once you’ve selected a camera the output will be displayed in the Preview View. Click the Send to live button (GoLiveBtn ) to transfer the camera to the live view.

Use the video controls to begin and end capture by clicking the Play and Stop buttons.

If your camera has a VCR mode, you can capture the playback of recorded video as well as live video.

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