SundayWorship 1.2

We are pleased to announce the release of version 1.2 of SundayWorship.

This release includes the following new features:-

  • Support for playing video from files and video cameras.
  • New methods for searching for songs.
  • Options for displaying scripture references.
  • An improved export dialog.
  • Song mark up.
  • An improved Romanian Bible text.

You can download the latest version from here.

As with the release of v1.1 the next few blog posts will give some details of the new features.

Users of SundayWorship who have purchased a licence are entitled to a free upgrade to version 1.2.

If you find any problems with SundayWorship please send an email to our support address. You can find the address here.

Play video from files and cameras

SundayWorship 1.2 now supports playing video from files and connected video cameras. Video can be reviewed in the preview view and then displayed through your projector.

New song database search capabilities

In addition to being able to search for songs by title, we now support searching for songs by author and lyrics.

Options for displaying scripture references

You can now choose whether to display the reference for a scripture at all, whether to include the Bible version and where to display the reference.

Improved song export dialog

The song export dialog now lists the authors of the songs in the database and can be sorted by author or title. This allows you to easily export lists of songs by author as well as by title.

Song mark up

In SundayWorship 1.2 we have introduced song mark up. By adding a tag to the start of a paragraph of text (e.g. a verse or chorus) you can use that tag to repeat the following block of text.

The tags are defined by the user, so you can identify any part of the song you want to be able to repeat. For example, you can identify multiple different choruses, verses that repeat or bridges.

Improved Romanian Bible text

The Romanian text we have been using has been found to have a number of issues (for example missing passages) that are being gradually corrected by a Romanian brother. We have included the latest version in this release.

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