SundayWorship 1.4 released

We’re pleased to announce the availability of SundayWorship 1.4. For this release we’ve added a couple of new features and fixed some bugs.

New Features

  • Individual song formatting
  • Custom properties on songs
  • New song importers for SongSelect, SongPro and Songs of Fellowship 4
  • Import songs from multiple files at the same time
  • New formatting options for vertical text alignment and copyright display
  • Added more formatting options for scriptures including text alignment

Details of the new features can be found in the updated manual.

Individual song formatting

In previous versions of SundayWorship the way a song was presented was controlled by the global song display settings. In 1.4 we’ve added the ability to change the song display settings on each song. You can change the font, colour, size, alignment and background on each song.

Custom properties on songs

One thing we get asked is whether we can add this or that to the song information. In 1.4 we’ve made it possible to add custom properties to songs.

You chose the name of the property (e.g. Songbook, Duration, ScriptureReferences, Ratings) and give it a value. When you want to record something about a song you can just add a new property and give it a value.

Once a property is added to one song it becomes available on all songs. You can also search for songs based on their properties and the list of columns at the top of the song list can be changed to include your most commonly used properties.

Importing from SongSelect

We’ve added support for importing the .usr files that can be downloaded from the CCLI SongSelect web site.

If you’ve got a CCLI SongSelect account you can download songs and import them into your SundayWorship song database.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a problem drawing the verse list when a non-default colour scheme is used
  • Opening a PowerPoint presentation that is already open in PowerPoint could cause SundayWorship to crash
  • The importers list on 64-bit operating systems was empty when no license was registered
  • The projector monitor was not being saved correctly on Windows XP
  • Fixed copyright text being shown in very small font under some circumstances


You can download SundayWorship 1.4 from here or visit the download page.

An updated manual can be downloaded from here.


Although we don’t expect any problems it doesn’t hurt to backup your song database before upgrading. To do so click File –> Export –> SundayWorship Song Database, select all your songs and click export.

As usual, upgrades from previous releases of SundayWorship are free.

Problems & Questions

Should you find any bugs or have a question send us an email to our support account. See support.


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