SundayWorship 1.5 Update 2

We’re please to announce an update to SundayWorship that fixes a number of customer reported bugs.

If you find any problems in this release, please let us know.

As ever, we recommend taking a backup of your song database before performing the upgrade. Use File –> Export –> Sunday Worship song database to perform the backup.

Fixed Bugs

1. PowerPoint slideshows do not loop

If a Microsoft PowerPoint slideshow was configured to loop it would stop running after showing the last slide. Slideshows should now loop if the slideshow settings in the presentation request it.

2. PowerPoint slideshow doesn’t close when other content is made live

If a PowerPoint presentation was running and alternative content (e.g. a song) was made live, the PowerPoint presentation would keep running and the new content not be displayed.

In the latest release selecting new live content will result in the PowerPoint slideshow being closed and the live content being displayed.

3. Alerts are shown in the live view but not on the projector when a PowerPoint show is running

SundayWorship does not currently support showing alerts when a PowerPoint slideshow or presentation is being shown. Alerts are no longer displayed in the live view when PowerPoint is being used from SundayWorship.

4. Scripture references saved in a schedule do not remember some settings

A scripture reference added to schedule did not save the single/multi verse, orientation and parallel Bible name options. When the schedule was reloaded these option would not be set correctly and could not be changed.

5. Double clicking on content in the preview view didn’t display correctly in the live view.

Double clicking on an item (e.g. a verse of a song) in the preview view resulted in the first item in the list briefly being displayed before the item that was double clicked.

Also, double clicking the last item in the preview view resulted in the first item in the live view list being displayed.

6. Song search criteria settings are lost when SundayWorship restarts

The song search criteria were not being being saved when SundayWorship was closed. This meant that users had to choose the search options they want to use every time SundayWorship was run.

In this release the song search options are remembered.

7. An empty song with a background will not be displayed

If a song was created with no words and just a background it would not be displayed.

8. Background pictures are not drawn in the correct aspect ratio

When a picture was set as a background the aspect ratio was not preserved. This resulted in some pictures being distorted so that they appeared to be squashed vertically or horizontally.

9. It is hard to tell when the Live button is clicked in Windows 7

In Windows 7 (and possibly other versions of Windows) it was hard to tell that the Live button had been clicked because of the way Windows button highlighting works.

The Live button now has a differently coloured icon and says Hide when the projector view is showing.

Minor Enhancements

1. It should be possible to define what gets displayed when Black is clicked

There is now an option on the general settings page (Tools –> Options –> General) that allows users to choose whether a black screen or the currently selected background is shown when Black is clicked.

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