Hymns of Eternal Truth

During his lifetime Charles Wesley, brother of John Wesley, wrote over 6000 hymns many of which have been favourites for over 300 years. Hymns such as “And can it be, that I should gain”, “Love divine, all loves excelling” and “Rejoice, the Lord is King” have been sung by Christians all over the world.

In the 1970s 120 of the hymns of Charles and John Wesley were collected in to a hymn book called, “Hymns of Eternal Truth.”

We have created a SundayWorship song database of these hymns so that they can be imported to your SundayWorship song database. Each song each labelled with its index in the Hymns of Eternal Truth so you can find it more easily.

To download the song database file click here.

To add the songs to SundayWorship follow these steps:-

  1. Extract HoET.sdb from the HoET.zip file
  2. Start SundayWorship
  3. File –> Import –> SundayWorship song database
  4. Click Browse…
  5. Select the HoET.sdb file you just extracted.
  6. Select the songs you want to import.
  7. Select a method for handling duplicates.
  8. Click OK to import the selected songs

2 Responses to “Hymns of Eternal Truth”

  1. Peter Bladon says on :

    Windows can’t open HoET.sdb .

    Rest of instructions unclear – how open “Sunday worship”?

  2. admin says on :


    The HoET.sdb file isn’t a general Windows file and is only valid for the Sunday Worship program.

    To use the HoER.sdb file please make sure you have downloaded and installed Sunday Worship and then follow the instructions on the post above.



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