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SundayWorship 1.5 updated

We’ve just released an update to SundayWorship 1.5.

We discovered a problem with the trial period checking on 64-bit Windows that was preventing people from being able to try out SundayWorship.

At the same time we’ve added a couple of small features that we think might make using SundayWorship a little easier.

We’ve added a drop down list to the Live view to make it easier to quickly change the display that the projector view is showing on.


Second, we’ve added a Help menu item for downloading the manual.


You can download the latest version from here.

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SundayWorship 1.5 Released

We’re pleased to announce the availability of SundayWorship 1.5.

New & Improved Features

  • Sample song database
  • Support for PowerPoint 2010
  • Importers for Songs of Fellowship 2 & 3
  • Improved song editor
  • Searching for songs by multiple attributes
  • Added column sorting in the song picker
  • Add support for deleting multiple songs
  • Display two Bible versions side-by-side
  • Display verse numbers in scripture references
  • Improved alert management
  • Improved multimedia management

Details of the new features can be found in the updated manual.


You can download SundayWorship 1.5 from here or visit the download page.

An updated manual can be downloaded from here.


Although we don’t expect any problems it doesn’t hurt to backup your song database before upgrading. To do so click File –> Export –> SundayWorship Song Database, select all your songs and click export.

As usual, upgrades from previous releases of SundayWorship are free.

Problems & Questions

Should you find any bugs or have a question send us an email to our support account. See support.

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